Bunny Sewing Pattern

Would you like to make your own My Little Moons bunny doll?

All this is now possible, here is my very first doll pattern. I'm super excited. I hope you are too.

We've worked very hard to create a step-by-step tutorial with lots of pictures that will guide you through the process of making a Mes petites lunes bunny doll.

With this pattern, you can make a bunny doll with 2 different outfits, a long-sleeved raglan dress and a jumpsuit with a pocket. You can also sew a bow for a feminine touch and sew small carrots as a gourmet snack for your rabbit. We have also created simple and clear embroidery images to make it easier to learn the basic stitches.

This pattern is suitable for anyone with a basic knowledge of hand and machine sewing and who loves to learn new things.

Are you going to try it?
I can't wait to see my Mes petites lunes dolls created by many other hands around the world.


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gostaria de comprar o projeto como faço

Regina Moraes August 26, 2023

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