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About us


It's me Ariane, the creator behind Mes petites lunes, the one who draws, sews, embroiders,  thinks, drinks a coffee, then starts again..

While smiling, i create objects that are pretty for the eyes, touching for the heart, and respectful for the Earth.  Because the desire to create, explore and always imagine new things is at the center of my passion, each of my dolls has its own story, its own look and is therefore unique. I draw my inspirations from the things that surround me, what makes me vibrate in this moment; this dress that i love madly, or this color that i imagine everywhere or this animal on which my kid has a new obsession. Everything becomes a source of ideas and imagination.  

I love clothes, i have always loved them. But for a while, i got tired of them, these clothes that we see in store windows, those of fast fashion, of overconsumption. With this project, i have been rediscovering them, in a new way, the clothes we imagine and make ourselves. I like fabrics, their texture, their color. I like to choose them, transform them, matching them together, I like to mix styles and create looks. I think this is the part i love most. While always favoring natural textiles such as cotton, linen, wool, hemp and second hand fabrics,  i dress my dolls with clothes i would wear myself or would like to see my kids wear...

I really hope that my dolls will bring softness and a little magic in your homes and in your precious little one's life.

Thank you so much for visiting my shop xx