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Mouse Soft Toys

Meet Laure and Laurier, our perfumery mice, blend cheese and scents with audacious spice. In their fragrant lab, creativity’s the norm, where rare masterpieces are born. Miss Raclette, unique and rare, reveals an odor, an old sock’s flair. Goudda no. 5, a bold perfume with might, makes you want to hold your nose tight. As you explore their aromatic world, plush, soft toys, and stuffed animals line the shelves, inviting you to immerse yourself in their whimsical scents and textures, ensuring comfort and delight at every turn.

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Sewing Pattern - mouse dollSewing Pattern - mouse doll
Sewing Pattern - mouse doll Sale price$17.00 CAD
Sold outMouse Plush Laure Floral BlueMouse Plush Laure Floral Blue
Mouse Plush Laure Floral Blue Sale price$120.00 CAD
Sold outMouse Doll and Blanket set | FloralMouse Doll and Blanket set | Floral
Sold outMouse Soft Toy Laure and blanket Blush Embroidered FlowerMouse Soft Toy Laure and blanket Blush Embroidered Flower
Mouse DollMouse Doll
Mouse Doll Sale price$140.00 CAD
Mouse Soft Toy Laure Floral jumpsuitMouse Soft Toy Laure Floral jumpsuit