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Selling items made with Mes petites lunes sewing patterns

You can purchase a license for all pattern or for one specific pattern.

To help small-scale makers create items with my patterns, I've introduced an annual renewal license for each project I've brought to life. I've put a lot of effort into creating these unique soft toys, be kind and respect the terms and conditions.

When you purchase a license, you will receive a link to fill a form to activate your license. Make sure to fill out this form, as failure to do so will result in the license not being validated.

- Sales of dolls/items crafted from the “All patterns” license are limited to 200 / per year and at 100 / per year for the single pattern license, both are valid for 1 year starting on the purchase date and then can be renewed.

- Only the purchaser of the license is authorized to make and sell items made with the pattern. Mass production and wholesale are strictly prohibited.

- Direct sales to customers are encouraged while Wholesale is not allowed.

- Each online listing and social media post featuring an item made using Mes petites lunes pattern must give credit to Mes petites lunes by mentioning : "Made using @mespetiteslunesdolls pattern", ensuring proper attribution to the creator.

- Makers are entrusted with the responsibility of adhering to pertinent safety standards and regulations in every jurisdiction where their items are sold, ensuring the well-being of consumers worldwide.

- Patterns, instructions, drawings and photos are protected under Canadian copyright law. They may not be shared, sold, modified or distributed electronically or in printed form. They may not be used for face-to-face or online workshops.

- The patterns cannot be duplicated, modify, sub-licensed or resold to third parties. All designs remain the Copyright of Mes petites lunes. Non other than Mes petites lunes can claim to be authors of the pattern design.

Unauthorized sharing, selling, or distribution of my sewing pattern and instructions, whether electronically or in printed form, is strictly prohibited. All components of my sewing pattern and instructions are safeguarded by international copyright law, encompassing the pattern itself along with any accompanying words, images, and illustrations.

Additionally, sharing photographs or videos featuring my pattern pieces on social media platforms is expressly forbidden and constitutes a breach of copyright. Any form of modification, adaptation, translation, or creation of derivative works based on my sewing pattern, whether in part or in whole, is strictly prohibited and constitutes an infringement of my copyright.

This includes but is not limited to resizing the patterns, making minor adjustments, or adapting them to create other designs or items, as well as selling the pattern with new instructions and photography.

For any inquiries or clarification, please reach out to

Limited quantities 100 licenses available per year per sewing pattern.

    Sewing Pattern:

    Sewing Pattern

    Commercial License
    Commercial License Sale price$200.00 CAD